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Teletherapy Can Help You with Pandemic Stress

COVID-19 has changed many things as we once knew it! Many of the places that used to be normal to attend have now moved to a virtual platform. Everything from work, meetings, conferences, schools, and many others! 

The mental health field has also moved many of its services to virtual. Many mental health professionals have decided to continue to see their clients in a telehealth / virtual setting exclusively. Others are offering clients to choose in-person, hybrid, or virtual, depending on their preferences. The options are seemingly endless. 

2020 brought with it a seemingly endless string of stressors – including everything from a global pandemic, quarantine, loss of some of the things that were ‘normal’… as well as unemployment, challenges with virtual school, social injustice, and a very hostile presidential election. 

If you are experiencing an unusual amount of stress, symptoms of depression and/or anxiety, or are struggling with family issues, don’t discount therapy because of the pandemic! 

Have you been considering seeing a therapist but concerned about safety and COVID-19? Teletherapy might be for you! 

Here are just some of the many potential benefits of Telehealth!

That first appointment

One of the significant barriers that keep many people from going to therapy is physically showing up to therapy. That initial appointment, walking into the office, meeting your therapist can be nerve-wracking and enough to cause someone who needs and wants therapy to avoid it. 

With teletherapy, you are in your own home or a comfortable place of your choosing surrounded by familiar things. There’s no awkward office visit!

Teletherapy is accessible

Sometimes transportation, work schedules, child care, and other physical or emotional situations are barriers to a person’s ability or willingness to attend therapy. 

Teletherapy is flexible

Have you ever tried to make an appointment with a doctor or therapist but find they only offer appointments during daytime office hours? Time constraints and work commitments make it easy to put off making that appointment with a counselor. 

Teletherapy eliminates travel time and the need to carve out a couple of hours to get to and from your appointment and attend it. Many find they can make a teletherapy appointment during their workday – on their lunch break or just before or after work. Other providers offer extended teletherapy hours because it is also more convenient for them not having to go to their office for appointments!


COVID and other health concerns such as cold and flu are no longer a concern with teletherapy. There is no sharing a waiting room with potentially sick individuals. Instead, you can have a fully interactive session with a skilled therapist from the safety of your home or office while they are in the safety of theirs. 

Secure and confidential

Health professionals use teletherapy platforms that are secure and HIPPAA compliant. No need to worry about thin walls, inadvertently running into people you know in the waiting room, or other confidentiality concerns. Your teletherapy session will be secure, and your privacy is protected.

Teletherapy is effective

The idea of virtual counseling or other medical appointments is quite a change for many. It can feel different and awkward, especially when you are used to attending appointments face-to-face in the office. You might even wonder, does teletherapy work the same as in-person therapy? 

The short and simple answer is – YES! Numerous studies have shown teletherapy to be just as effective as traditional face-to-face therapy over the last several years. One of the most important factors in any therapy format’s success is the client’s relationship with their therapist. That relationship can be cultivated and maintained in the same way in a virtual format.

For adolescents especially, teletherapy is even more effective than in-person therapy for many young people. 

While teletherapy isn’t the answer for everyone, it can be an effective way to receive the help you need and keeping your health and safety top priority. 

Talking to a therapist through teletherapy is an excellent way to find the help you need! 

Let’s connect! Call us or email to connect with a skilled licensed therapist who is well versed in providing teletherapy. Help is available and closer than you think! 

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