How To Talk With Your Kids About Death

Sad Grandkids Standing by the Grave - Redeemed Life Counseling

Here’s a statistic that will never change: ten out of ten people will die. That’s an absolute certainty. There’s no skirting the grave, drinking from a well which gives you everlasting life, or trading your soul to avoid death. It is a guarantee awaiting every living creature. And the inevitability of death is something that your […]

5 Ways Parents Can Support Their Student Doing Virtual School Without Tears

Parents Can Support Their Student - Redeemed Life Counseling

The school year has started in many areas of the country, and many school districts have chosen to begin the school year online. Whether it’s called Virtual Learning, Virtual School, Online, Remote, or Connected Learning, thanks to COVID our kids taking classes online from home has become the new normal. The first few days of […]

Screens Are Inevitable: How To Prep Your Child For The Digital Future

Screens Are Inevitable - Redeemed Life Counseling

If you had two hours, you could: Watch a movie Drive to Grandma’s house (if she lives about 140 miles away) Play at the park Go out to dinner with your family Shop at the mall Take a nap Two hours doesn’t seem like that long of a time, but experts recommend that your children […]

How To Help Your Teen Face Their Post-Pandemic Fears

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Flashback with me to high school literature class. You probably read To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee and wrote at least one paper on racism, social inequality, or good vs evil. (Don’t worry, school is out for the rest of the year because of a worldwide pandemic, so you won’t be assigned any essays or projects.) […]

Kids Stuck At Home? 5 Comforting Conversations Starters for Parents

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It’s a safe assumption that you have spent more time at home with your family in 2020 than ever before. An international pandemic snowballed into working from home, virtual school, plus closed shops and hair salons and public spaces.  At first it was like a refreshing breeze on a sweltering day. Family dinners and an […]

The 5 Best Times To Communicate With Your Teen

Communicate With Your Teen - Redeemed Life Counseling

Not every moment—or every hour, or every day—is a good time to talk with your teen. So how can you navigate the choppy waters of their mood to decide when it’s a good time to talk? Here are five foolproof moments to communicate with your teen, sprinkled across all hours of the day so there’s […]

5 Ways Kids Show Coronavirus Anxiety

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It’s safe to say that COVID-19 has changed day to day lives for everyone – adults and children – across the United States and around the world. The way we live is just different now than it was before the pandemic.  Children’s lives were disrupted with the closing of schools in the spring – for […]

How Parents Can Communicate With Their Teenagers

Teen Boy with his Young Mother at Home - Redeemed Life Counseling

The teen years come in fast and furious, bringing with it dramatic physical and emotional changes. Teenagers are known to have wild mood swings, roller-coaster emotions, and less than open communication.  Many parents see similarities between their teenagers and the stage they went through around age 3! Figuring things out on their own, discovering their […]

Warning Signs of Depression in Teenagers

Signs of Depression in Teenagers - Redeemed Life Counseling

The teen years come full of physical and emotional changes. Teens are known for their wild mood swings and roller-coaster emotions. It can be difficult to know what normal teenage angst and hormones are compared to a more serious issue like depression or anxiety. It’s important to recognize when your teen’s moodiness seems to be a […]

Maskaphobia: How to help your child overcome their fear of masks

Maskaphobia - Redeemed Life Counseling

Trick-or-treating princesses and superheroes ding doorbells in hopes of candy—which is joyfully given by someone who compliments their Halloween costumes. As an adult, we can imagine that scene on the last night of October through rose-colored glasses. But if we dig a little deeper, we probably have a few scary memories too. Personally, I’ll never […]