Insurance Info

Thank you for taking a moment to check out Redeemed Life Counseling!  We are self-pay but we have a lot of clients that are able to get a reimbursement of covered services by filing claims on their own.  We provide a superbill that has a diagnosis and medical coding required by all insurance companies.  Superbills can be printed at any time for you.  It is important that your counselor be made aware you will need a superbill so they can add a diagnosis at the completion of the first session.  Since we don’t process Insuranceclaims,we are unable to confirm any coverage details or reimbursement rates. We do have a few tips that are always helpful when you are planning on filing a claim with your insurance provider.

First, confirm your coverage with your insurance provider and make sure they know you are looking out of network.  They may be able to offer in network alternatives that will cover a higher percentage of your counseling session.

Second, confirm there isn’t a separate deductible for mental health.  Some plans will not cover counseling under your medical deductible and will ask you to meet a second, mental health deductible, before any covered services will be reimbursed.

Third, confirm if there is an hourly maximum rate your insurance will cover.  If a counselor’s rate exceeds a maximum hourly rate set by your insurance provider, you may only be reimbursed a percentage of the maximum hourly rate instead of the hourly rate of the session itself.

We hope this information helps prepare you and understand a little more about the claim process and what we can do to help facilitate a reimbursement.  If insurance isn’t available toyou, we still have more options for you!  On our website you can review the personal bios of each of our counselors and if you continue scrolling you will see a full list of service fees after each counselor’s personal bio.  We have a large group of counselors at varying stages in their careers.  This allows us to be able to offer counseling at different rates. Rates can range from $85-$220 for a 60-minute session.   Please review the website and let us know if you have a question about any counselor or service.   Thank you again for reaching out to Redeemed Life Counseling.