How Anxiety Shows Up At School And Why It often Is Hard To Recognize

How Anxiety Shows Up At School - Redeemed Life Counseling

Anxiety in schools is a widespread concern and impacts as much as 25% of children, according to recent research.  It is easy to spot when kids express worries, fears, or being nervous about a test or project. Most of the time, it’s not so obvious.  Kids present anxiety in a number of different ways that […]

School is Starting Back Up … Are Kids OK During Remote Learning?

School is Starting Back Up - Redeemed Life Counseling

Here we are in the fall of 2020, many months after the beginning of the unexpected turn of events caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re like most people, you were probably hoping that life would begin to return to normal sometime over the course of the summer and that our kids would be returning […]

10 Things To Ask Your Kids Before They Return To School After Covid-19

10 Things To Ask Your Kids - Redeemed Life Counseling

A new normal is emerging, striped with scars from the Covid-19 pandemic.  Businesses are opening, albeit with additional safety measures. Grocery store shelves are decently stocked, considering the current state of the world. And schools are preparing to open, although with extensive modifications. The 2019-2020 school year ended abruptly, assuming that students would return again […]

Taking the teacher self-care challenge

Taking the Teacher Self-care Challenge - Redeemed Life Counseling

Practicing Self-Care While Caring For Students Whew! Teaching is hard work! And the work begins weeks before that infamous first day of school. As a former educator, memories of prepping for my own 32 “First Days of School” remain clearly etched in my mind. Hmmm…let’s see. By now, I am sure you have visited Teacher Stores, Target Dollar Bins […]