The 5 Best Times To Communicate With Your Teen

Communicate With Your Teen - Redeemed Life Counseling

Not every moment—or every hour, or every day—is a good time to talk with your teen. So how can you navigate the choppy waters of their mood to decide when it’s a good time to talk? Here are five foolproof moments to communicate with your teen, sprinkled across all hours of the day so there’s […]

How Parents Can Communicate With Their Teenagers

Teen Boy with his Young Mother at Home - Redeemed Life Counseling

The teen years come in fast and furious, bringing with it dramatic physical and emotional changes. Teenagers are known to have wild mood swings, roller-coaster emotions, and less than open communication.  Many parents see similarities between their teenagers and the stage they went through around age 3! Figuring things out on their own, discovering their […]

Resolving Conflict: Understanding the 3 Pieces of the Drama Triangle

Resolving Conflict - Redeemed Life Counseling

Relationships can be tricky! Dating and marriage relationships are definitely complicated! Expectations, communication, mixed feelings, intimacy, vulnerability, insecurities,  life stressors, and so much more all make up a web of factors that rarely fit perfectly in line!  Any human relationship has the potential to become riddled with conflict and drama. Conflict in relationships is normal. There isn’t […]

Conflict is Bad and Should Be Avoided, Right?

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “conflict”? For some of us that can be a terrifying word, but what if it was not scary but instead something we need to embrace. In fact, conflict is something that is a part of all of our lives, but […]

How can I get my teen to talk to me?

How Can I Get My Teen to Talk to Me? - Redeemed Life Counseling

Today more than ever we have to be savvy and intentional when trying to connect with our teens. The competition for their attention is overcrowded with screens, videos, social media, and tons of other superficial connections. Which gives us an opportunity to meet them where they are and cultivate real, meaningful connections. This can’t be […]