Ambiguous Loss: What the 5 Stages of Grief Look Like During the Pandemic

Ambiguous Loss- Redeemed Life Counseling

Typical Grief Normally, when you think about grief, the death of a loved one comes to mind. This is a concrete example of a loss – a definite end. The person was here and now they are not. Experiencing this type of loss also comes with working through any number of the 5 stages of […]

What is Your New Normal?

What is your new normal? -- Redeemed Life Counseling

If 2020 was a baseball game, the crowd would be going wild over the curveballs, unexpected home runs, and plenty of swings knocking the ball completely out of the park.  Over the past year, life has thrown curveball after curveball, keeping us glued to the edge of our seats, squinting our eyes to see if […]

How To Help Your Teen Face Their Post-Pandemic Fears

Afraid Woman in Bedroom - Redeemed Life Counseling

Flashback with me to high school literature class. You probably read To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee and wrote at least one paper on racism, social inequality, or good vs evil. (Don’t worry, school is out for the rest of the year because of a worldwide pandemic, so you won’t be assigned any essays or projects.) […]

5 Ways Kids Show Coronavirus Anxiety

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It’s safe to say that COVID-19 has changed day to day lives for everyone – adults and children – across the United States and around the world. The way we live is just different now than it was before the pandemic.  Children’s lives were disrupted with the closing of schools in the spring – for […]

6 Surprising Benefits of Going Outside, Especially During COVID-19

6 Surprising Benefits of Going Outside, Especially During COVID-19 - Redeemed Life Counseling

In 2020, the term “social distancing” has become a household mantra. Staying six feet apart and avoiding large gatherings has become the focal point of staying safe and healthy during this pandemic. Unfortunately, social distancing is also a phrase that causes many to curl their lips into a snarl.  Thankfully, outside is a place where […]

5 Things You Can Control During The Uncertainty of a Pandemic

5 Things You Can Control During The Uncertainty of a Pandemic - Redeemed Life Counseling

In some ways, this pandemic reminds me of the story of Joseph in the Old Testament. He was taken to Egypt, a place far from his home. Everything was foreign: the people, the land, the language, the customs. Life during a pandemic kinda feels foreign too. He, the favored and youngest son of his father […]

How the Coronavirus Impacted First Responders and 7 Ways You Can Help.

How the Coronavirus Impacted First Responders and 7 Ways You Can Help - Redeemed Life Counseling

When you think of someone serving on the “front lines,” your mind probably drifts to military soldiers decked in camouflage. But this battle against a worldwide pandemic has brought new soldiers to the front lines: first responders. Police officers. Fireman. Paramedics. Emergency Room personnel. Rescue teams.  Law enforcement and first responders are the ones who […]

Maskaphobia: How to help your child overcome their fear of masks

Maskaphobia - Redeemed Life Counseling

Trick-or-treating princesses and superheroes ding doorbells in hopes of candy—which is joyfully given by someone who compliments their Halloween costumes. As an adult, we can imagine that scene on the last night of October through rose-colored glasses. But if we dig a little deeper, we probably have a few scary memories too. Personally, I’ll never […]

Disgust and Mistrust: The Sneaky Psychological Effects of A Pandemic

Disgust and Mistrust - Redeemed Life Counseling

For months we have observed the media’s swell surrounding the worldwide virus. Rising numbers of infections. Lowering death rates. Cities flooded with new cases. Areas escaping all threats of the virus. Statistics, guidelines, rules, rebellion, and more. Will the incessant pandemic news slow down? Of course. Will information related to the virus eventually dissipate to […]

Secrets to Staying Married During COVID and Social Change

Secrets to Staying Married - Redeemed Life Counseling

I think it’s fair to say that 2020 has put the majority of the world to the test on so many levels. The COVID-19 pandemic, quarantine, school cancellation, work from home and layoffs, caused everyone to learn to adjust to a new type of normal. Re-openings of states and business, changes and restrictions began to […]