5 Surprising benefits of wearing a face mask

5 Surprising Benefits of Wearing a Face Mask- Redeemed Life Counseling

One day there will be movies and books told about this pandemic. Our kid and grandkids will watch video clips and read history snippets about the year when the world shut down. There will be photographs of people wearing face masks while standing feet apart from one another.  Although face masks seem like an inconvenient […]

Mental Health Check-In With Your Kids: 20 Questions To Ask

Mental Health Check-In With Your Kids - Redeemed Life Counseling

It’s been a strange year for everyone, including your kids. There’s no explanation needed, but a mental health check-in is needed. The entire world has been struck by the fierce lightning from this pandemic, from governments and  businesses to schools and households. Yet the bizarre season of extended time at home shouldn’t discourage you from […]

Pandemic Got You Hangry? Here Are 6 Reasons Why

Hungry Girl in a Restaurant - Redeemed Life Counseling

Most of us fall into one of two categories: Category 1 (Always hungry) That bag of chips looks appetizing. And so does a piece of chocolate. How about a large glass of soda too? Why not drink some juice to stay hydrated as well. Category 2 (Always hangry) If I don’t eat right now I […]

Blog: Anxiety in Kids During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Blog- Anxiety in Kids During the COVID-19 -- Redeemed Life Counseling

The COVID-19 has turned the lives upside down around the whole world. Schools have closed for the remainder of the school year, restaurants, stores, and other businesses forced to close. Countless jobs and businesses lost, unable to recover from mandatory closures. Parents having to work from home, while often their children are having to do […]

School is Starting Back Up … Are Kids OK During Remote Learning?

School is Starting Back Up - Redeemed Life Counseling

Here we are in the fall of 2020, many months after the beginning of the unexpected turn of events caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re like most people, you were probably hoping that life would begin to return to normal sometime over the course of the summer and that our kids would be returning […]

10 Things To Ask Your Kids Before They Return To School After Covid-19

10 Things To Ask Your Kids - Redeemed Life Counseling

A new normal is emerging, striped with scars from the Covid-19 pandemic.  Businesses are opening, albeit with additional safety measures. Grocery store shelves are decently stocked, considering the current state of the world. And schools are preparing to open, although with extensive modifications. The 2019-2020 school year ended abruptly, assuming that students would return again […]

Quarantine Time: Why The Days Are Slow Yet The Weeks Fly By

Quarantine Time - Redeemed Life Counseling

The monotonous days of quarantine drag by. Wake up, eat, work, sleep—all from the confines of your home (minus the occasional trip to the grocery store, gas station, or restaurant for takeout).  Since our days feel as long as weeks, why do our weeks fly by? Because our brains calculate the passage of time based on […]

How to Provide Structure and Meaning to Your Day While Stuck At Home

How to Provide Structure and Meaning to Your Day - Redeemed Life Counseling

It’s no surprise that the routine you likely once had no longer exists. While it might be tempting to go with the flow and see how the day goes, the opposite is true. Changes in routine is stressful for adults and kids, so it’s important especially during this time of social distancing, when everyone’s routines […]

10 Ways To Stop Yourself From Developing A Crowd Phobia Post-Pandemic

10 Ways To Stop Yourself from Crowd Phobia - Redeemed Life Counseling

Imagine that this current pandemic is like an empty ice cream cone. Add scoops of anxiety and phobias on top until it’s a towering, just waiting to topple over. As this pandemic winds down, more and more people will be precariously balancing their ice cream cone towers, shielding them from the sun’s heat, a gust […]

7 Ways to Support Kids During the Coronavirus Pandemic

7 Ways to Support Kids - Redeemed Life Counseling

Schools have closed. Work is going remote for many. For some, work has been lost altogether. With all the responsibilities and changes parents are juggling during social distancing, it’s daunting to wonder how to support and protect kids, when the adults don’t necessarily feel secure and protected. Kids and teens worry about safety and security. […]