Marianne Pierson, MA MFT, LMFT-Associate

Supervised by Dr. Russ Bartee, PhD, LMFT-S

My Services

NEW Client Consultation

$135.00 • 60 minutes

Adult/Individual Counseling (60 min)

$135.00 • 60 minutes

Couple Counseling

$135.00 · 60 minutes

Group Sessions

$85.00/person · 120 minutes

Family Sesions

$200.00 · 90 minutes

Family Sesions

$135.00 · 60 minutes

Family or Group Sessions

May be subject to a higher fee to be discussed prior to session

Marianne Pierson

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist-Associate

Connection…we were created for connection! In a world that offers us countless ways to connect, why are so many people finding themselves feeling disconnected? Maybe you are feeling disconnected from your OWN feelings, you may be experiencing a disconnection from the friends and family members that are closest to you. Are you seeking to connect to your God-ordained place in our world? Whatever you are seeking I am here to tell you there is HOPE!My journey began in west Texas and led me to Texas Tech University where I obtained my B.S. in Education. It was there that I met and married my husband of 37 years. We did not have children of our own but over the years have assisted our extended family in the nurturing and raising of their children, oftentimes, in our own home. 

I am a former first and second grade elementary school teacher. In addition to teaching, I owned an entrepreneurial business for over three decades and recently stepped aside to pursue this new calling of connection in my life.As a business owner and leader, one of my responsibilities was to help others begin and run their own business. I discovered over the years that people did not only desire the business application training but found themselves seeking connection and healing in their journey due to childhood trauma and relationship failures. It was through being a sounding board for personal issues that I found I really wanted to streamline my focus and assist people in connecting to their calling as well as providing support and a safe place to heal from those earlier traumas. I also came to realize that when a person entrusts ‘their story’ to you, that trust comes with great responsibility. I felt it was imperative for me to lay down my entrepreneurial business and pick up the mantle of my higher education so that I could honor that trust and with knowledge assist them as they navigate their life toward emotional healing.

To witness someone recognizing and embracing who they are in God’s divine plan and to witness them connecting to that calling on their life is a privilege to behold. It is exactly why I love to contribute to the healing and empowerment of people of all walks of life. My prayer is that individuals at all stages of the journey find connection and discover grace for themselves and others.