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Jennifer Lafabregue, MA, LPC-Associate

Supervised by Dr. Cassie Reid, Ph.D., LPC-S counselor

My Services

NEW Client Consultation

$170.00 / $113.00 · 90 minutes / 60 minutes

Individual Counseling (60 min)

$135.00 • 60 minutes

Individual Counseling(45 min)

$85.00 • 45 minutes

Child/Adolescent Counseling (60 min)

$113.00 • 60 minutes

Child/Adolescent Counseling (45 min)

$85.00 • 45 minutes

Couple Counseling

$113.00 • 60 minutes

Family Counseling

$113.00 • 60 minutes

Group Session

$85.00/per person • 2 Hours

Jennifer Lafabregue

MA, LPC-Associate

Jennifer has a passion for life and people and believes in helping others to live their best life. She has a Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine and is currently working to complete her Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling. She has worked the past 20 years teaching, training, coaching and mentoring others in business as well as encouraging personal growth and change to become all God created them to be.
In this fast-paced world, it is sometimes challenging to juggle work, family, responsibilities, expectations, hopes and dreams which can often lead to feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, discontentment and a loss of purpose and personal identity. When this happens, it is sometimes difficult to know what to do or how to get “unstuck” in order to move forward. Jennifer provides a warm and collaborative counseling approach where clients can feel safe to explore difficult issues and their feelings in a judgement free atmosphere. During the counseling process she works with her clients to set goals and find ways to achieve them. Jennifer uses evidence-based therapeutic approaches with her clients and enjoys coming alongside her clients to give them tools, insight and coping skills to assist in healing, growing and moving forward with living their best life.