Sherry Allen, MEd, MA, LPC, EMDRLicensed Professional Counselor

Each person’s life path is indeed a journey! This journey encompasses an array of experiences. There are times in our lives that difficulties arise and unexpected life changes can leave us with feelings of hurt, stress, grief, anxiety, depression, and more. Counseling is a powerful tool that can help us understand, cope, and move forward in ways that are productive, purposeful, and meaningful. Seeking counsel is a brave and powerful choice. It often brings great comfort knowing that you are absolutely welcomed into the process of counseling and that you do not have to walk through your experiences alone. I have a great desire to help you understand, cope, and productively move through struggles while finding resolution and hope along the way.

My counseling philosophy rests on the principle that each individual and relationship is unique. As a counselor, I facilitate and embrace change in an atmosphere of collaboration, supportiveness, genuineness, empathy, encouragement, and hope. As a counselor, I understand an effective therapeutic relationship is based upon respect and trust. I work collaboratively with each client to develop goals and plans that are attainable, productive, and worthwhile. I incorporate researched and proven therapeutic interventions and techniques based on an individual’s needs, preferences, and current situation. I see clients from all backgrounds and respect the views of each individual client. I believe an effective therapeutic relationship allows you to move towards personal growth through insight, encouragement, and action. It is exciting to see that as issues are being explored, personal growth and healing can happen at the same time. As a client, you are provided opportunities to remove obstacles while incorporating healthy choices that promote healing. You learn to embrace new ways of thinking and behaving that support balance and freedom to your life.

I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education, a Masters of Education Degree, and a Master of Arts Degree in Professional Counseling. As an educator of 30 plus years, I have taught students of all ages – those beginning school and those navigating through the challenges of college. As a Professional Counselor, I continue to work children, adults, and families. Counseling includes work in the areas of anxiety, depression, trauma, anger, grief, relationships, life transitions, co-parenting, pre-marital, educational concerns, elder care and a variety of other areas. Training includes Levels 1 and 2 EMDR Trauma, EMDR Trauma Child/Adolescent Specialist, Certified Clinical Adult/Adolescent/Child Anxiety Professional, SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts) Certified Facilitator, Gottman Levels 1 and 2 Method for Couples Therapy, Play Therapy, and Sand Tray Therapy.

I have been blessed in a marriage of 30 plus years and have two wonderful young adult children. Our family has been positively touched by counseling. Through counseling, we experienced heart felt support, guidance, and encouragement. What joy it has been to live both big and small victories alongside a qualified and compassionate counselor. As a counselor myself, I too have a heart for helping and a desire to foster hope in those struggling through life situations. I am truly amazed at how change and healing is not only possible…it can be productive, powerful, and remarkable!

Everyone was amazed and gave praise to God. They were filled with awe and said –

We have seen remarkable things today- Luke 5:26