Grief & Bereavement Group:(Gender specific group)

-help in dealing with loss issues (Infertility, career, death, divorce, empty nest, suicide/overdose, health, invasive trauma, etc.)

-understanding through the lonely process of grief (Stages of grief)

-provides connection, hope and support (and safe, structured environment)


Co-Dependency Group:

understanding the debilitating dysfunction of codependency and it’s origins (FOO)

-learning to regain/gain self-identity

-learning the tools of critical self-care

-discovering your voice, your feelings and how appropriate express

-learning how to create a healthy, functioning relationship (including confrontation)

-learning to set internal and external boundaries

-to have healthier relationships and to learn how to care for themselves


Anger Management Group: (Making peace with Anger & all feelings)

-understanding what anger is and what it’s not (healthy vs unhealthy anger)

-understanding the origins of what one believes about anger and how those misconceptions adversely affect current relationships, with God, self and others

-understanding “what is not talked out, get acted out”. The role of passive aggression and it’s toxicity spiritually, emotionally, physically and relationally

-learn new coping skills to better handle and how to express anger in healthier ways


 Men’s Group (adult men age 18 and up)

-address issues in the professional workplace, codependency and addiction

as well as a variety of other male specific issues

-safe environment to discuss struggles and experiences without judgement or ridicule.


Adolescent Group: (Female and Male Groups)

-address topics such as anger management, self-esteem, peer pressure, bullying, and family issues

-address life adjustment issues (divorce, move to new school, social anxiety, etc.)

-basic lifestyle boundaries (cell phone, computer, internet, privacy vs secrecy, how to stay safe)

-address “what’s normal” and “what’s not” for adolescents. Identify the ever moving target of anxiety, growth and development

-address building healthy relationships with family, friends, God and self



OCD Group

Divorce Recovery

Child-Parent Relationship Training (for parents)

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